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Com’ON, let’s do well together again!

Com’ON Cluj-Napoca is a participatory process for youth, whose first edition took place in 2015 and in which thousands of people have participated so far. Long story short, Com’ON invites the young people from Cluj to register group initiatives through which the life of the community will be improved. Then they are voted online - also by the community - and the first 45 ranked are financed from funds provided by the City Hall and Local Council of Cluj-Napoca by the Romanian Commercial Bank. Of course, the final and essential step is their implementation.

The project, carried out on the basis of the principles of participatory budgeting, takes place between August and December 2021. Click here for the detailed calendar of the process.

Com’ON Cluj-Napoca aims to mobilize and revitalize informal groups and micro-communities of young people in the city, aged between 14 and 35, who are not part of a legally established organization, or even if they are, they believe in their potential as a group to generate positive things for the Cluj community.

Last but not least, on the principle of participatory budgeting, Com’ON Cluj-Napoca aims to delegate the decision on a part of the budget of Cluj-Napoca directly to the resident citizens of the city.

Also, this project aims to contribute to the creation and development of a local e-citizenship, through its gradual integration in the e-government mechanisms developed by the City Hall and Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.

This year Com’ON Cluj-Napoca continues to have in its center a message related to the essences: Let’s do well together! - focusing on the well-being, on the quality of life of the community that can be improved together. The quality of community life has always been important, but it is essential in this period which is still atypical. Consequently, the participatory process emphasizes four essential dimensions, relevant to the current context in which we all have to adapt as we go to status quo still in formation. We need new ways of thinking, innovating and approaching groups and members of the community in a new light.

These are the relevant priorities for the Cluj city reality and which are highlighted this year within Com’ON Cluj-Napoca '21:

HEALTH - How do young people feel now and what can we do to make us all feel better, both physically and mentally?

We invite you to think about initiatives related to improving health, whether it is physical or mental, spiritual, but also how you could implement initiatives related to healthy lifestyle - what we eat, how we sleep, how and how much we do sports.

LEARNING - How can young people be better equipped to cope with life? What do they want to learn in order to?

The community would benefit greatly from your ideas with educational potential, which aim to develop general or specific skills. And when we say education, we obviously think of non-formal education, so consider proposals - including digital tools - that can contribute to the development of creativity, the ability to collaborate or solve problems. You can also write initiatives that address the teacher-student relationship or issues related to gender equality or ethnicity.

ENGAGEMENT - What can young people do for the community, how can they get involved in the city life?

It would be very good to come up with ideas that encourage the spirit of initiative, collaboration, civic-social-cultural participation in community life: cultural initiatives, sports activities, volunteering, free time; you would also like to think about how you can address issues and challenges related to equal opportunities in terms of participation in community life.

ENABLING ENVIRONMENT - What kind of city do young people need for living to their full potential and for getting involved in solving the needs of their community and in the development of the city?

We challenge you to identify and activate spaces in Cluj or to rethink existing spaces through which they can receive another function, even temporary. We are also waiting for ideas on youth support services, youth centers, mobility, transport, but also public policies to support young people.


The types of ideas described by us are meant to inspire you to formulate your own ideas and initiatives and are not exclusive. The four priorities can mean other creative ideas coming from you.

For the complete list of eligibility conditions and registration rules, we invite you to take a look at the Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ’21 regulations.

The participatory process Com’On Cluj-Napoca is funded and supported by the City Hall and Local Council of Cluj-Napoca and by the Romanian Commercial Bank.


Within Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ’20, over 100 young people, whose initiatives were voted by the Cluj community, collaborated within the formed groups and, together with other friends-volunteers, implemented their ideas. The events and campaigns were attended by over 40,000 visitors of all ages. The ideas were implemented in various spaces in the city, from parks to schools or cafes, but also online. The 46 winning proposals were nominated following an online registration and voting process from the Cluj community. More than 4,000 people from Cluj cast over 8,000 votes for 70 ideas submitted by groups of almost 200 young people.

An outdoor day with yoga, painting or juggling, exploration in Cetățuia Park for a mobile phone photography workshop, online professional orientation sessions made by students for students, virtual camps on Zoom, book houses in Armătura Park are some of the 46 initiatives voted by the citizens of Cluj and put into practice last autumn by the young people from the city within the participatory process Com'ON Cluj-Napoca '20.

Initiators, Partners, Sponsors
  • PONT Group
  • Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
  • Visit Cluj
  • Romanian Commercial Bank
  • CCC
  • FTC
  • Citizen Y Resource Center
  • The Council of School Students in Cluj County
  • The Union of Hungarian Highschool Students in Cluj County
  • ClujHub
  • The Cultural House of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
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